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Service Pack 1 for Flight Simulator X

Microsoft has thrown the second upgrade of FS-X called Service Pack 1.
In this opportunity the company introduces some improvements and it solves errors reported by the users.

The Service Pack 1 tries to solve problems with:

  • Installation and activation of the game
  • Content problems
  • Problems of compatibility with software of third

The package incorporates improvements in the yield and weight 216 Mb like maximum (the size varies according to the language).

To begin the download you should disable your blocker of emergent windows (Pop Up blocker) and press the light blue button.

The creator's comments

The programmers of the Service Pack recommend to install this package "in clean". This means that Flight Simulator X should not have installed Add-Ons or packages of third.

According to Phil Taylor, some programs of third can cause conflicts or their files can be overwritten by the SP-1, should reinstall the Add-Ons in question.

To avoid this problem he seeks advice to execute FS-X manually from the line of commands or uninstall all the Add-Ons, to install the Service Pack 1 and then install the Add-Ons one by one again.

Software of Third

In the community of Flight Simulator has become very popular the use of Add-Ons, also known as expansions, software of third, etc.

Some of these Add-Ons Paywares or Freewares, require of a file called VS 2005 SP1 to work correctly.

The last version of this file (up-to-date: at May 20 the 2007; it weighs: 2,6 Mb) is already available for download.

What is Iberoavión?

It is a "domain" with free airplanes for Flight Simulator, where you will find aircrafts of commercial airlines.

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