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What is Iberoavión?

It is a "domain" with airplanes for Flight Simulator, where you will find aircrafts of commercial airlines. Our database is upgraded regularly, increasing the variety of air companies until covering all the existent ones.
At the moment we offer the most adaptive models in each version, in order to guaranteeing a compatible base for the users with older computers.

This website is in Spanish, you read an imprecise automatic translation that can contain errors. You accept that this translation doesn't have validity and it is not reliable.

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How to have access to the database?

To enter to the database you must select the picture of the airplane, in the section corresponding to the version of Flight Simulator that you possess. This way, for example, if you want to download airplanes for FS-2000 you must select the picture of the Concorde.

When entering in the database you have two options: you can look for the airplanes from a certain country when selecting the flag of this nation, or you can explore the site with the controls standard to see all the available aircrafts.

How to download the airplanes?

Each airplane is presented in a table, where you will find the picture of the airplane, the origin country, the airplane type, the name of the company, and a download box with an image of a hard drive, accompanied by the quantity of space that occupies the airplane in compressed format.

Photo Country Airplane Company Download
Brazil B-737 400 VASP Download Icon 7,72 Mb

To download the airplane you should click in the image of the hard disk. It is not obligatory to download the file to a hard disk, you can make it to any unit with enough space.

The airplane is in compressed format with the standard ZIP, when you download the airplane, it will be compressed in this format and the file (being Vasp the download airline) it will be seen this way:

If you don't have a program that it manages files ZIP, you can download of the Internet the program WINZIP for free. There is a link to the site of WINZIP in the Webmaster's suggestions section, in our Home page.

How to install the airplane in Flight Simulator?

If it is the first time that uses compressed files, the surest way to install an airplane is the following one:

  1. Make a temporary folder

  2. Move the compressed file to this folder

  3. Decompress the file inside the temporary folder. If the decompression is successful the folder of the airplane will appear with its subdirectories and files.
    For example: B737_400.Vasp

  4. In FS-98, FS-2000, FS-2002 and FS-2004:
    Move the airplane folder ( example: b737_400.vasp ) to the folder Aircraft of Flight Simulator.
    For example: C:\FS2000\Aircraft

    In FS-X:
    Move the airplane folder ( example: B737_800_Vasp ) to the folder Airplanes that is inside the directory SimObjects in Flight Simulator X.
    For example: C:\Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\

If you have experience working with compressed files:
The file ZIP is the folder of the compressed airplane, therefore, to use the aircraft in Flight Simulator you only needs to decompress the file in the directory Airplanes of FS-X or in the directory Aircraft for the previous versions.

The users of Flight Simulator X should activate the stall "Show All Variations" to deploy the airplanes in the selector.

Remember: This website is in Spanish, you read an imprecise automatic translation that can contain errors. You accept that this translation doesn't have validity and it is not reliable.

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